How To Make a Bud Vase from a PVC Pipe!

Are you currently looking for a gift to offer or simply, for an easy DIY project ? Here is a great idea that will combine memories & practice!

What do you think if I told you that you can make amazing bud vase from a PVC pipe, with a family photo on it ? Amazing, huh?



Start by cutting the PVC pipes to the size you want. You will need to create those bud vases in order to set them inside a wooden block.

Then determine the size & height before you cut. If you can ask a store employee to cut it for you, that would be wonderful !



Choose the photos that you’ll put on the bud vases. Then print them on laser photo paper.


Now, add the caps to the PVC pipes using a specific PVC glue ! Put them away and give the necessary time to dry completely.



It’s time to cut and size the printed photos to fit the pipes. I recommend trying with a test position first. Make sure your arrangement is ok and then, cut your photos following that test and glue it to the PVC.


Now dip your pictures into water. Please note that the images don’t have to be saturated with water. Wet them only.



Take your PVC pipe and coat it with Mod Podge. Don’t let a single inch uncovered neither coated.



To remove the excess of water from the photos, run your finger down the paper. Then apply it to the pipe.



Make sure to remove any air bubbles. This will help you to stick the image completely.



Now time to assemble the bud vase & put it to the wooden base.

Drill holes in the wooden base with an electric drill and Forster drill bit. This will create the stand for the PVC pipes to sit !




Last but for sure not least, glue the PVC pipes to the base using E-6000 glue

Hold the pipe in place until you are sure it has adhered to the wood. Please allow it to dry up to 24 hours.







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