How do you find free stuff, competitions and offers?

We literally dig through the internet to find nice offers and freebies, so we can share them with you. We’re dedicated to helping you save!

Why do companies give away free stuff?

Have you ever been given a chance to try out a nice coffee sampler cup in a food hall and bought it straight after from the sales assistant? Well, companies are doing this online, they offer free samples, giveaways, and nice deals so people will have a better understanding of their product before they buy it. So our purpose is to pass this piece of information to you!!

Why hasn’t my free stuff arrived yet?

Free Samples Australia has no inventory of freebies; we have no control over sending the free samples. Therefore, the long amount of time it takes for a freebie to be sent depends on the company that advertised that freebie, on their stock availability, or on the amount of requests they received.

How do I get in contact with you?

If you have a query or a freebie that you would like to share with others, contact us on our contact page

Do you charge for your service?

Don’t worry; all of our services are totally free!

Free Samples Australia