KFC Vouchers & Deals for December 2023

KFC Vouchers & Deals for December 2023

Who doesn’t love KFC? Everybody does, right? KFC Australia is one of the restaurant chains that regularly come up with deals, offers, and promotions to encourage loyal customers to stop by more often. If you want to stay up-to-date with KFC vouchers Australia, we recommend you have a look at this page from time to time, as it will solely be dedicated to the latest deals and offers of KFC Australia.

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New KFC BBQ Onion Ring Burger

You can now get the New KFC BBQ Onion Ring Burger for $8.45. A combo with regular chips and regular drink for $12.45. And for $14.95 you can get the BBQ Onion Ring Burger Box that includes regular combo, an extra piece of Original Recipe chicken and a regular Potato & Gravy.

Please note that this deal is available in all Australia (excluding WA and Wollongong NSW).

$6.95 Supercharged Loaded Chips

You can enjoy Supercharged Loaded Chips for $6.95 that consists of the following :

  • Chips
  • Popcorn chicken
  • Onion rings
  • Supercharged Sauce & Chilli

Keep in mind that this is an app secret menu.

$6.95 Giant Snack Pack

Get a Giant Snack Pack when you buy one for $6.95 through the App or picking up at store.

This deal is valid until the 27th November 2023.

$4.95 Fried Cookie Dough Fill Up

You can get a $4.95 Fill Up Fried Cookie Dough in Wollongong Only. The box comes with the following:

  • Some Regular Chips
  • Some Regular Potato and Gravy
  • 1 x Wicked Wing
  • 1 x Original Tender
  • 2 x Fried Cookie Dough

This offer is available every day until 4 PM and ends on the 27th of November 2023.

$10 Hot & Crispy Boneless Bucket

For $10 only, you can get 8 pieces of Hot & Crispy Boneless Chicken. This deal is available until the 27th of November 2023.

This offer is available in Wa only.

$4.95 Hot & Crispy Boneless Chicken Fill Up

KFC is now offering their hot rods fill up for $4.95 only until 4 p.m. in WA only. The deal, which is valid until the 27th of November 2023, comes with the following:

  • 1 x Hot Crispy Boneless Chicken Piece
  • 1 x Wicked Wing
  • 1 x Dinner Roll
  • Some Regular Chips
  • Some Regular Potato & Gravy

$14.95 Nuggets Party Pack

For $14.95, you can now enjoy a Nuggets Party Pack and savour its delicious nuggets. The deal, which is valid until the 27th of November, comes with the following:

  • 20 x Nuggets
  • 2 x Large Chips
  • 3 x Sauces

This deal is available in Canberra only.

6 Wicked Wings & Regular Chips for $7.95

For a limited time only, you can get 6 Wicked Wings & Regular Chips for $7.95. This offer is valid on KFC’s website and mobile application.

Wings Pack

Enjoy 2 Wicked Wings, Large Chips, Large Potato & Gravy for just $12.95 or 12 Wicked Wings & 2 Large Chips for $13.95 at KFC for a limited time.

$6.95 Double Sliders & Chips

For a limited time only via the App or website, KFC is offering their new Double Sliders & Chips deal for $6.95 ONLY.

$4.95 Go Bucket & Freeze

This App or Website deal is valid for a limited time only. You can get a Go Bucket & Freeze deal for $4.95 that consists of :

  • Go Bucket : Popcorn Chicken, 3 Nuggets, 2 Wicked Wings or an Original Tender
  • Regular Freeze : Pepsi or Mountain Dew

$5 Go Bucket & Drink

Now, you can get your Go Bucket deal with a regular drink for $5 only.

You have to choose between the following Buckets:

  • Popcorn Chicken with Chips 
  • Kentucky Nuggets with Chips
  • 2 Wicked Wings with Chips
  • Original Tender with Chips

3 Nuggets for $2.95

KFC Vouchers & Deals for December 2023

Benefit from this deal to get 3 Nuggets for $2.95. The offer is available on the App, and for Online Pickup.

Free 600ml Drink

You can get a Free 600ml Drink with a $4.95 purchase. To benefit from the deal, you’ll need to make a purchase at KFC, keep the receipt, and fill out the survey on the KFC website.

KFC App – Colonel’s Offers

Here is the list of the colonel’s offers available:

  • $7.45 Burger Combo Deluxe
  • $14.45 Double Combo Meal
  • $16.95 Colonel’s Dinner 
  • $20.95 Cheap as Chips 
  • $21.95 Family Burger Box
  • Add 2 Large Sides for $5.95
  • $1 Regular Chips
  • 9 Pieces of Original Recipe for $9.95
  • 24 Nuggets for $10

Wicked Wings for $1 ONLY

Wicked Wings for $1 ONLY 

While a pack of 10 wicked wings costs around $11.95, this KFC voucher allows you to get up to 15 Wings or as few wicked wings as you like for only $1. This deal is only valid when ordering through the App. The ending date for this deal is scheduled for the 27th November 2023, so make sure to take advantage of it before it expires.

KFC Vouchers & Deals for December 2023

9 For $9.95 Tuesdays Only

9 For $10.5 Tuesdays Only 

KFC Australia has introduced a new exciting offer to its clients. This time, the group is offering 9 pieces of chicken (2 wings, 2 thighs, 2 drumsticks, 2 ribs, and 1 breast) for only $9.95. Please note that this offer is only valid in Queensland for orders placed through the app. You will also have the chance to choose either Hot & Spicy Chicken or the original recipe.

KFC Vouchers

KFC Vouchers – Mobile Application

$49.95 Chicken, Wings, Nuggets, Popcorn, Chips and Potato & Gravy

For a limited time only, you can enjoy all the following items for only $49.95:

  • 10 pieces of Original Recipe Chicken
  • 10 Wicked Wings
  • 10 Nuggets
  • 1 Maxi Popcorn Chicken
  • 3 Large Chips
  • 1 Large Potato & Gravy

5 Original Tenders for $7.45 Addon via the App

For a limited time, order 5 Original Tenders for $7.45 only as an addon via the App.

Download on Apple Store Download on Google Play

6 Pieces Hot & Crispy for $7.45 Addon via the App

For a limited time only, you can get 6 Pieces of Hot and Crispy chicken for $7.45 as an addon via the App.

4 Pieces Original Recipe for $7.45 Addon via the App

For a limited time, you can enjoy 4 Pieces Original Recipe for $7.45 as an addon via the App.

 $24.95 Mistletoe Meal for

Get your Mistletoe Meal for 2 for only $24.95. The Mistletoe Meal for 2 includes all the following items:

  • Original Recipe Burger
  • Zinger Burger
  • 6 Nuggets
  • Dipping Sauce
  • 2 Regular Chips
  • 2 Regular Drinks
  • 2 Chocolate Mousse

Family Burger Deal

If you are looking for KFC family meal vouchers, here is an interesting one for you! For only $24.95, you can get a meal composed of the following:

  • Four burgers
  • 2 Large Chips
  • 6 Wicked Wings

kfc vouchers - Family Burger Box

Burger Combo Deluxe

If you are looking for a delicious KFC menu at an attractive price, the burger combo deluxe offer might seem very interesting to you! At only $7.45, you can enjoy a meal composed of an original recipe burger or zinger burger, in addition to chips, drink, and potato and Gravy. No KFC voucher code is needed to benefit from this offer!

Colonel’s Dinner

We are not done yet…! KFC still has many other surprises for you! You can now enjoy a meal composed of four original tenders, four pieces of chicken, one large chips, and one potato and Gravy for only $16.95. As this KFC Discount voucher is only valid for a limited period of time, we invite you to use it as soon as you can.

Cheap as Chips

KFC have brought back the Cheap as Chips meal, exclusively available via the KFC App!

For just $22.95, the Cheap as Chips deal comes with:

  • 8 pieces of Original Recipe Chicken
  • 6 Nuggets
  • 2 Large Chips
  • 2 Large Potato & Gravy
  • 2 Dipping Sauces

KFC Guest Experience Survey

Did you know you could get some free stuff from KFC just by filling up a quick form? If you are a KFC customer, we invite you to take their Guest Experience Survey! In return for that, you will be rewarded with FREE chips and drink. To be able to take advantage of this KFC voucher, you will need to make a purchase at KFC, keep the purchase receipt, and then complete the survey on KFC website.

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