What he Did to the Kitchen Rugs is Genius…I am Sure you Want to Do the Same!!

It happened to me many times when I get home with full hands of grocery that my leg slides with the rug.

The same thing happened to my kids while playing  in the kitchen and the rug slips.

I tried to avoid using them but they are so helpful to keep the floor clean.

However, the last time my little kid fall so hard that his leg keeps hurting him for days.

Hopefully, a friend of mine sent me this video two weeks ago. I applied the hack and sincerely, it worked perfectly.

My husband thought I bought new rugs as they don’t slip anymore.

Watch the video below to know how and more.

I am happy that this time I am sharing with you something that doesn’t only make your life easier, but also maintains your safety.

Don’t forget to share the hack with your friends!


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