DIY: Make the Easiest Mirror Coffee table?

Never throw your old tables, they can become you new house masterpiece.

Don’t hate an old scratched table, because with this video, that poor table will blow your mind.

An old IKEA table can be reused and placed in the middle of your modern living room.

It’s all about the mirror effect.

Mirror gives spaces and bright aspect to the place.

Some scrubbing work is needed. So grab some sand paper to remove imperfections, dust, and stains on the table.

You don’t have to use it on the surface as you will cover it with the mirror, focus only the table legs.

Once done, fun part take place. Spay the legs with a spray pain in silver.

Then place your mirror on the top of your table let it dry for about 48 hours.

Don’t hesitate to share with us your mirror coffee table.


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