DIY : Easy Twisted Hair Bun Hairstyle !

It’s summer time and for me, it means party & gathering time !

You want to look great, so why don’t you add an elegant & easy twisted hairstyle to your outfit ?


Here is what you’ll need :

  • Bobby pins
  • Hair elastics
  • Ribbon flower hair clip
  • Comb.

Instructions : 

Step 1 : Start by combing your hair. Collect it and create a ponytail that you’ll secure with an elastic.


Step 2 : Now, place your fingers underneath the base of the ponytail. Make sure you divide the hair into two parts and quickly flip the ponytail inside, just right through the hole, just like the photo below !



Step 3 : It will consist in folding the remaining hair into the base of your ponytail.


Step 4: Keep going until you obtain a bun. Now secure it with bobby pins.


Step 5: Now, to make it look elegant, attach a pretty ribbon flower hair clip :) You are also free to keep it as it is ;)



Voilà ! You are done ! I made mine within 5 minutes only, but I needed a little help from my sister !

Don’t forget to share your pictures with me on Free Samples Australia Facebook Page ! :) Enjoy !

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