Aluminum foil & Baking Soda are the first thing to love in 2017!!

One year of dust and humidity can makes think of getting new utensgil for your kitchen or silver vase.

However, a magic soak in hot water can make them so shinny like diamond.

I bought many times cleaning products that promise shine for silver items but nothing so far meet my expectations.

However, this video really changed the way i take care of silver items in my house.

I applied this technique also to my necklaces, husband ring, and many large silver pieces.

In less than one minutes the tarnish disappear.

But bear in mind that water must be close to boiling phase for this trick to work.

Don’t waste time and let your home shine and sparkle.

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I'm a mother of 2 kids and I LOVE trying products for FREE and saving a lot on daily grocery! I spend my time hunting for the best freebie and saving offers available in Australia!

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