6 fish that you should avoid eating

Fish is one of the healthiest foods ever. However, for different reasons, there are some kinds of fish that are best avoided. Take note and opt for healthy alternatives.

In addition, you should know that fresh fish have transparent eyes and wet scales that shine. If you buy it supposedly fresh and the tail falls, it’s not as fresh as you think.

On the other hand, if the fins are dry and the gills are gray and not red, it is not fresh either.

Here are the types of fish you should avoid eating:

The catfish
Catfish can be very big. To speed up their growth process, many breeders give him hormones.

This is a fish that usually comes from Asian countries. We recommend choosing other, less toxic fish.

Mackerel is not the most recommended fish because of its high mercury content.

The body does not eliminate mercury. On the contrary, he accumulates it. It is an unhealthy substance that can generate different diseases.

Blackfin tuna
Tuna can also contain a lot of mercury.

Today, and unfortunately, it is almost impossible to find tuna that has grown in its natural habitat because it is endangered.

The fish on sale comes from breeders who feed them with antibiotics and hormones.

It is a fish that also contains a high mercury content. It is not advisable to take more than 100 grams per month in adults.

It is never recommended for children.

The pangasius
Pangasius are raised in Vietnam, in the Mekong River, which is considered one of the most polluted rivers in the world.

This type of fish contains high levels of mercury, nitrofurazone and polyphosphates. These substances are highly toxic.

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