11 Baby Life Saving Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind!

I know how scary and difficult it is to be a new parent, and I think you welcome every little tip that will help you get through this kind of tough time.

Here is my selection of 10 Baby life saving hacks, that will actually save your life of a parent! ;)

1. Use a laundry basket to bathe your baby! They won’t fall and their toys won’t float away!


2. Use Vapor Rub on their feet and cover them with socks to avoid nighttime coughs!


3. Stick a command hook on the back of a chair for bibs ;)

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4. Put a crib sheet of a playpen to keep mosquitoes away!


5. Get these custom made temporary tattoos in case the kids are lost



6. Freeze pacifiers in milk or juice to soothe a teething baby ;)


7. Draw this sign so kids know how much toilet paper is enough


8. Save your old baby food jars and transform them into spice jars!


9. Sock a washcloth in chamomile tea for a teething baby to chew on. PLUS, it will help them fall asleep quickly!


10. Make “Monster Fighting Spray” to help kids who won’t sleep at night!



11. Cover the door latch with a piece of fabric so you can open and close the door quietly (and avoid waking up the baby)


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