Woolworths Catalogue – Wed 16 Sep to Tue 22 Sep 2020

The Weekly Catalogue from Woolworths is finally out! From September 16 to September 22, 2020, you can realize enormous economies on your favourite items and products at Woolworths Stores.

Do not hesitate to check out the weekly Woolworths Catalogue and its hottest deals as featured below.

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About Woolworths 

Woolworths, the largest supermarket chain in Australia, is owned by Woolworths Group, which is considered to be the second-biggest company by revenue in this region. Along with coles, Woolworths supermarket accounts for nearly 80% of the market in Australia. It provides Australians with a wide variety of food products, including packaged food, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, and other grocery products. Focusing on freshness and superior quality, Woolworths is partnering with a number of Australian producers and farmers to offer the Australian consumer with the best possible products accompanied by the most satisfying shopping experience.

Product Categories 

Woolworths offers a wide range of product categories to satisfy the needs of Australian consumers in terms of food and groceries. Here is a brief list of the categories it is providing customers with.

  1. Fruits & Vegetables
    1. Fruits 
    2. Vegetables 
    3. Salad 
    4. Organic 
  2. Meat & Seafood 
    1. Meat 
    2. Seafood 
    3. Deli Meats 
    4. Deli specialties 
    5. BBQ meat 
  3. Bakery 
    1. Packaged Bakery 
    2. Fresh Bakery 
  4. Dairy products
    1. Cheese 
    2. Yogurt 
    3. Milk 
    4. Eggs & Butter 
    5. Cream & desserts 
    6. Ready to eat meals 
  5. Pantry 
    1. Snacks 
    2. Breakfast 
    3. Tea & coffee 
    4. Spices & condiments 
    5. Canned food 
    6. Frains & rice 
    7. Pasta 
    8. Oil and sauces 
  6. Freezer 
    1. Frozen Meat 
    2. Frozen Seafood 
    3. Frozen Pizzas 
    4. Frozen fruits and vegetables
    5. Frozen Desserts 
    6. Ice Cream
  7. Drinks 
    1. Water 
    2. Soft drinks 
    3. Juice 
    4. Tea and Ice Tea 
    5. Coffee
    6. Milk
    7. Energy Drinks 
  8. Liquor 
    1. Wine (red, white…)
    2. Beer & Cider 
    3. Champagne & Spirits 
  9. Pet Care 
    1. Cats food 
    2. Dogs food 
    3. Birds & fish Food
  10. Babycare 
    1. Baby Food 
    2. Baby accessories 
    3. Wipes and Nappies 
  11. Health & Beauty 
    1. Dental Care 
    2. Personal Care 
    3. Skincare 
    4. Hair Care
    5. Men Care 
  12. Household Products 
    1. Cleaning products 
    2. Laundry 
    3. Kitchen 
    4. Garden and outdoors 
    5. Electronics 

Online Shopping with Woolworths 

To make it simple for you to shop whatever you want whenever you wish and wherever you are, Woolworths introduced the online shopping possibility. Nowadays, you can place your order directly from the supermarket’s website or the mobile app and you will be delivered your whole groceries right to your doorstep. On the other hand, you can also opt for the pick-up option which has also been simplified to help Australian communities save time and money. Both options respect the guidelines and instructions of contactless services through the use of reusable bags that are meant to be placed either at your door or at the pickup spot.

Community Pick-up Concept 

Once you place an order online, you can choose to pick up your order yourself or ask someone else from your community to pick it up for you at one of the hundred pickup points all over Australia. 

         How does that work? 

  1. Log in with your account 
  2. Choose a pickup location and time slot 
  3. Place an order with the desired items 
  4. Share your pickup information and details 
  5. Pick up your groceries 

Delivery Now Concept 

To enhance the shopping experience of the consumer, Woolworths has also come up with the Delivery Now concept, which is a fast and convenient delivery service. For a flat fee, you get your order delivered right to your house in the shortest possible time.

  • You get delivered your order in less than 2 hours (exact time communicated at checkout) 
  • You can select from over 12,000 items from your nearest store 
  • You can track your delivery thanks to a live map 

Woolworths Rewards System

To make economies, Woolworths has introduced the Woolworths rewards system that allows shoppers to collect points that can be redeemed afterwards. For every dollar spent, the shopper earns 1 point. Upon collection of 2000 points, the customer gets $10 off their next purchase. More, they benefit from fuel discounts, exclusive offers and deals, banking economies, among others.

Return Policy 

If you are not satisfied with a particular product after buying it, you can still ask for a refund or an exchange. However, for this to be possible, you need to present your purchase receipt within 30 days from the date of the purchase. More, the product needs to e returned in its original conditions for it to be accepted.

Woolworths Catalogues 

Every week, Woolworths issues a new catalogue, featuring the specials of the weeks. If you are looking to make great economies and savings, we highly recommend you constantly check this supermarket’s catalogue on our website. These periodic flyers introduce you to the hottest and best offers and promotions that are available at Woolworths stores. Therefore, we advise you to check out the catalogue before going to the store in order to benefit from all available promotions and discounts. 

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