DIY: Turn an Old Crib into a Work Bench

The baby grew and the crib for which a lot of money was paid can’t fit any more? Here is the solution for that! Usually when the kids grow up a little bit, parents start thinking how to get rid of their crib. But I am sure if they knew that it can be repurposed they would make up their mind! In fact, with little creativity the crib can be transformed into a work bench, Yes a work bench! What will you need?

Of course you will need a baby cot (With removable drop side), an mdf/practical board cut to mattress size, blackboard paint, and some hooks to create storage on the cot sides. Now the how-to-do-it part! This is EASY PEASY because you already have the baby cot made for you, what you have to do is to have two sheets of thick MDF fit tightly into the mattress base, this way you can have a table top. Then you paint it with blackboard paint to create a chalkboard table top. Finally use stick on hooks from the local store to create ample space to hang pencils, paper, etc.  There you have it, a new work bench that the kids will enjoy ;)

Source: A little Learning for Two

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