DIY : Thread Roll Christmas Tree!

I know, Christmas is a bit far but I’m getting all excited and I’ve already started my Holiday decoration for this festive season!

I thought about something to make with a little help from my mini monsters, and I found this great & easy DIY Thread Roll Christmas Tree project that I’d like to share with you :)


What you will need to make these thread roll tree :

  • Thread/twine cord/string
  • Glue
  • Cardboard/Thick paper
  • Food wrap (optional) covering the paper

Step 1: Start by making the cone shape from cardboard or thick paper and then roll the string all around. Make sure you put enough glue as you don’t want your tree to fall at the end.



Step 2: Keep going until you obtain the result below.


Step 3: Remove the cardboard after letting the craft dry for at least 24 hours.


Ta dah ! Your thread roll Christmas tree is ready!

Just add few snowflakes to give a Christmassy look to you thread roll tree :)

thread-christmas-tree06 thread-christmas-tree01


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