This 109-year-old woman says that avoiding men is the key to a long life

Most of the time, we turn to genetics to determine our longevity. However, it is not the only source of indication. A study conducted by the University of California in association with the Preventive Medicine Research Institute of Sausalito asserted that the lifestyle led by each individual has a considerable impact on longevity.

According to this study, regular physical exercise, stress management, and eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables would prevent many serious diseases that are sometimes fatal.

Habits to adopt:
Consumption of good fat such as olive oil and nuts such as almonds or nuts.
Consumption of antioxidants by taking mostly green tea, for example.
Take the necessary dose of vitamin D.
Sleep well.
Practice regular physical activity.
Surround yourself with good friends and have a rich social life.
Cultivate optimism.
The practice of meditation and spiritual development.
The practice of a good breathing technique.
Do good around you.
However, for some, longevity may be due to other factors, such as that proposed by a 109 year old lady named Jessie Gallan.

The secret of longevity of Jessie
Regarded as the oldest woman in Scotland, she revealed her longevity secret that is simple but also  unusual or even funny.

For Jessie, the secret is to eat oatmeal-based porridge every day at breakfast; on the other hand, to simply avoid men.

Jessie has been independent since she was a child and worked very hard during her teenage years, as she found herself confronting life alone while leaving her family home. She never married and rarely went on vacation.

Throughout her life, she avoided romantic relationships with men, whom she considered more a source of problems and troubles than joy and pleasure. For Jessie it’s the ultimate secret of her longevity.

Another Italian lady named Emma Morano, lived until she was 117 years old and claimed to have the same longevity secret: celibacy.


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