How to Make “Frieda La Frog” From Recycled Tires

For those who have been waiting for some really cool DIY ideas to give your backyard a new look, here you go. In this tutorial I will show you how to make a “Frieda La Frog” from recycled tires. So be ready to learn something new and entertaining. In fact, it’s not only entertaining but also easy to make. So here is the list of the supplies you will need to make this happen:

1) 2 car tires and one larger truck tire

2) 2 small tires with rims (from cart, wheelbarrow, or mower)

3) 4 plastic bowls

4) Tire inner tube

5) Garden hose

6) Recycled rubber doormat

7) Lid from a broken storage tote

8) Duco Cement

9) Silicon caulk (paintable)

10) Spray paint – green and white

11) Brush paint – Red and blue

Now the tools needed for this project:

1) Power drill with ½” bit

2) Utility knife

3) Scissors

4) Paint brushes

5) Q-tips

6) 2 x6x8 piece of treated lumber

7) 3” deck screws

8) Long galvanized nails

Let’s move now to the instructions, are you ready: 

First thing to be done is to thoroughly clean up those dirty tires and let dry for a while.

Then drill 4-6 holes in each side of the tires (this, is to allow excess water to drain)

After you cut the storage tote lid about 1-2″ bigger than the largest tire opening, poke 3-4 holes (again for drainage) and work it into the cover to cover the bottom hole.

Now take the door mat and cut 4 feet. Then on drop cloth lay all the tires, feet, hose and 2 of your bowls and let the artistic side of you shine by painting them.

Then to make the eyes paint the 2 other bowls in white first, after they dry paint their bottom in blue.

Glue the bowls into the rims of the small tires using Duco cement. as said before the white bowls are the eyeballs whereas the green ones are meant to give a bulgy look from behind.

Your next task is to spread a bead of silicon caulk on joint of bowls and rims then spray the caulked part on the back of the eyes.

Now you want to make the eyelashes so take a scissors and cut a wedge-shaped section of inner tube from the inner edge to about 1-1/2″ from outer edge.


Now, you want to make the mouth so take red paint and brush and get artistic by drawing one to the largest tire.

It gets a little bit tricky here, so pay attention. Set the eyes on the “head” tire and cut two slits in the large tire with a utility knife. This way the eyes to sit down into the tire a bit.


Now, insert the piece of lumber into the head tire under where the eyes will sit. Then install deck screws at an angle through eye tire, head tire, and into lumber. It’s more stable when tire is filled

You’re almost there, put the 2 body tires side by side on the ground and then fill them with with soil (about an inch of the inner circle)


Now place the third tire on top (it should be centered and pulled forward) then lift head slightly and slip one end of arm hose on each side, between tires.

Not to forget the arms, cut off them to length and secure to ground with galvanized nails as mini-stakes. Then put feet in position, and use nails to hold them in place.


Again fill the top tire with soil (about an inch in the inner edge height) And FINALLY plant your flowers to give the last touch to your beautiful masterpiece.

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