Make Your Own Banana Ice Cream

Summer is almost here and I can’t wait for those sunny days at the beach enjoying a drink with my friends or a yummy ice cream.  Talking about Ice Cream, today I want to share with you a great idea to make a natural ice cream with only one ingredient. Yes, ONE ingredient. No sugar, no diary, no sweeteners,  only bananas. Can you believe that? Well, you can add some few ingredients to get different flavour but the one and only ingredient is Bananas. This is one of the most simple yet unique ideas to make ice cream. I am sure you are now asking for the whole recipe. Well, here you go:


One or two ripe bananas

Spoonful of peanut butter (Optional)

2-3 tsp. cocoa powder (Optional)


For this recipe, you will definitely need a food processor. First thing to start with is peel your bananas and slice them  into evenly small circles.


After they are cut off into small pieces, place them into a freeze safe glass bowl,  and put in the freezer for at least 3 hours.


After they are frozen, put them, plus the peanut butter  and cocoa powder (Optional) into the food processor, and blend. At first the bananas will look kind of grainy, don’t stop keep going until it gets more smoother and smoother.


You need to be  patient as the bananas will be spinning around and for a second you think it’s not doing anything. But little by little you’ll see the mixture getting creamier and creamier.


After it is well processed you need to put it back into the freeze-safe glass bowl and place in the fridge to cool a bit.


Voila, you’ve just made your own creamy Ice Cream!

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