If Only You Know What He Did To Make The Baby Sleep in 2 minutes!!

One of the most difficult things parents face is making the baby sleep.

I used to struggle when I go out at night and should leave my baby with the hubby.

But the struggle ends when I heard my friend Alice story. One day, she found her husband drinking lot of coffee while trying to make the baby sleep, knowing that the dad don’t drink coffee at all. When she asked him, he said “the baby was crying and he didn’t want to sleep so i thought about your perfume”. Once the baby smelled the coffee scent he started yawning and slept quickly.

The story is so funny but at the same time highlights the out of the box thinking of the dad .

Believe me, now my baby sleeps easily with his daddy once he spray my perfume in the bed sheet.

But of course make sure that the diapers are clean and the baby is not hungry.

Don’t forget to share the trick with your friends!


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