DIY : Glittery Snowballs For Christmas!

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I was looking on Pinterest for a new and original decoration ideas lately… As Holidays are not that far, I wanted to redecorate my living room and give it this “Christmas atmosphere”!

And guess out, I finally found my joy! Since I love uncluttered decoration, this DIY Glittery Snowball project seemed perfect for my place!


Here is what you need to make this little piece of heaven:

– Ornament Hooks

– Glitter

– Plain white string

– Small package of water balloons

– Tacky glue

– Water


Step 1 : Pour a little glue in a bowl and water it down



Step 2 : Blow up your water balloons, but not too big


Step 3 : Wrap your balloons with a string. Simply tie the end of the string onto the end of your balloon, and just start to wrap it around!



Step 4 : Glue

Dunk the balloon in the glue bowl, and roll it around. You want your balloon to be completely covered with glue.



Step 5 : Add glitter

Add the glitter rights away after applying the glue.

Don’t wait until it’s dry ; just pour the glitter on your balloon over a bowl and cover it completely.


Step 6: DRY

Attach a little twist tie to the end of your balloon, then hung the twist tie from a piece of string on a dowel. Now don’t touch them and leave them dry for at least 24 hours.

If you are enough patient (I’m not!), leave them up to 48 hours as they will dry correctly and won’t stick.


Step 7: Remove the balloon and hang

Now stick a pair of tweezers in a hole and pop the balloon. That’s the corpse of this whole craft!

You’re almost done! Remove the balloon pieces with a pair of tweezers. To finish, insert an ornament hook on one of the string pieces and hang!

Ta-dah, here is the final result!




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