DIY: How Do You Tie a Trinity Knot

Want to impress your husband or boyfriend and help him look fancy? If you answer yes then you should probably learn how to do the trinity knot from this tutorial and you will definitely make your husband/boyfriend look even handsome with your personal touch! The knot is named after, and based on, the trinity knot from Celtic culture. It is usually triangular and has 3-way symmetry. It may seem complicated to make but make sure that if you follow the following steps you will make it in no time!
First set the tie around your neck and leave the big end at the point where you want your belt loop to be at. Now bring the little end over and under the big end through the loop, then bring it over the top of the loop and put it through on the same side. Go around the back of the hanging end to the other side and bring the end over the left side of the loop. Now bring it behind to the right side of the loop and bring the end horizontally over the knot (Try to keep it loose). Now step 8: bring the little end through the loop, over the knot and down through the horizontal loop that was created before reaching step 8. Hold on, we are almost done! Now bring the end around the back to your left side and then bring the little end through the top loop. After you are done with this go ahead and hide the remaining little end of the tie behind your loop! There you go, you officially learnt the skill of how to make a Trinity Knot, go ahead and show it off!!

Source: Blacklapel


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