DIY: A Square Fire Pit

Are you looking forward to make your next family gathering a uniquely unforgettable one? Would you like to transfer your garden into a more inviting and welcoming outdoor area for your family and friends. I am sure your answer is Yes because that was my answer as well as my husband’s when we first stumble upon this project. Well, today I would like to share with you this very simple idea that will guarantee you a great time as well as an awesome atmosphere in your garden . The idea is about how to make your own fire pit. So get ready to fire up your next weekend for a fun Spring family/friends night.

Here is the short list of materials you will require in this process:

  • a shovel
  •  a whole lot of stone blocks
  • a set of wall caps
  • flexible concrete adhesive
  •  decorative rocks
  •  a fire ring;
  •  wood

Now, follow the following instructions to get your project done.

To start, mark out the location and size of your square then place the corner block at the corner.

Then you have to cut a block on a ¾ length and put the cut-end against the corner block in order to create the actual corner of the pit.

Now start forming your square for the first row (This should be fun). Try to build out from the corner you just made in both directions.

To make the corner, take the small block which you cut earlier.  You can move to the second layer after you are done with the first one.

Next, repeat the same process with the second layer but this time alternating the colours of the blocks used.

Complete the whole structure with wall caps. They should be over hanging slightly with the long and short ends facing outside of the corner.

As you place the wall caps, you’ll end up with gaps on each side. This should be fine as you can use some freshly cut pieces of caps to fill them.

Your next task in this process is to secure the caps by using some flexible concrete adhesive. (This will guarantee they don’t move or fall aside)

Now, the last step in this project! Place the decorative rocks inside your pit. After that place the ring fire and add some wood.

Step back and admire your fire pit that you’ve just made by your own! Congratulation ☺☺

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