DIY Shoe Storage Bench From A Fruit Crate

Who said fruit crates are useless, huh!! Well I, myself used to think they are but not anymore. Especially now that I know that those old and rusty fruit crates could be turned into the most wonderful pieces of furniture. The idea is very easy; it has to do with transforming a fruit crate into a shoe storage bench. This project is very practical indeed; it helps you keep your space neat and well-organised. Especially if you’re living in a small apartment. Anyways, here are the things you will need when intending to make a shoe storage bench. (2 in 1 if you noticed)

1) Fruit Crate

2) Wooden Panel

3) Paint Spray

4) Cotton Foam

5) Material

6) Stapler

7) Wheels  (Optional)

Now here are the instructions:

Well, the first thing to be done here is of course to give your crate a good cleaning. that’s the first thing you should do before proceeding to painting.


After that comes the painting part. Take your spray paint and start painting your fruit crate in the colour desired. Paint the wooden panel as well.


Take another wooden panel and place some cotton foam on it’s surface.


Now that you placed some cotton foams on the surface of the panel to make a comfy seat take your stapler and attach the chosen material to it.


After the crate and wooden panel are dried, place the later inside the crate  (you should pick a wooden panel that will fit perfectly inside the fruit crate)


Place your shoes inside your new masterpiece and enjoy it :D


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