DIY: Paper Plate Basket !

I came across this creative idea by chance on the internet and I thought it is worth sharing with you! The idea is as simple as this: how to make cute baskets out of paper plates? What you will need to put this idea into practice is the following: Paper plate, Pencil, Scissors, Rubber band, Paper clip, and Ribbon. The how-can-I-do-it part is very simple and almost anybody including children can do it!

First, take a scissors and cut roughly about ¼ “from around the edge of your plate. Now, flip the plate over and with a pencil draw a 9 section grid. Make sure you make the center square right in the middle of the plate. Then take again the scissors and cut every other vertical line up to the edge of the center square. Then you can start folding the sides up, each at a time to form a basket shape (use the paper clips to hold the sides in place). Once all the four sides are up, place your rubber band around the basket and then remove the paper clips. After that, you could use a cute ribbon to make it look even nicer! Now that you are done, you can go ahead and fill your basket with some yummy sweets or cookies! Don’t hesitate to share it with you friends, and always remember sharing is caring!


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