DIY: Pallet Couch – Attractive Addition for Living Room

Who doesn’t want a comfy couch to slip in and enjoy their favourite TV programme!! No one I guess!! That’s the wish of every single person. That’s why through this DIY tutorial we would like to introduce to you to the idea of pallet couch. The pallets are very cheap to purchase and do not take a lot of space (for those who have space issues). What you will need actually to make this couch is the following:
• Wood pallets
• Sandpaper
• Paint
• Various paint brushes
• Flexible foam
• Furniture fabric and notions
• A trusty sewing machine
• Flat brackets and screws
Now the instructions that you will need to make it:
Using sandpaper sand the surface of the pallets very well (pay attention to the edges and corners). Paint the pallets with the colours you like and let them dry! Cut the flexible foam according to the size of the pallets, and then cover seats and back cushion in desired fabric. Screw a flat bracket onto the back of top and bottom pallet and then another onto top front and back of each pallet group to secure the pallets together.

Etapas de la fabricación de un sofá hecho con 6 palets y goma-espuma

Source: Cuarto derecha


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