DIY: Make a Reading Chair Using a Tire Air Chamber

Old rusty tires are never old again because now they can be refined into the most comfortable items in the house, not to mention that they are sustainable and cheap! In fact, old tires can be turned into practical furniture. Can you believe that? While reading this article you will find out how to make a little reading or relaxing chair using tire’s air chamber so read this carefully! What we will you need to make this? You will definitely need a tire air chamber (13 preferably), you will also need 6 balls of wool (best quality), and you will need some Scissors! Now how can you do it! It is very simple; you just need to fill the tire’s chamber with air after that you should start winding the wool parallel to the pin, by first cutting edge node and extra wool. Try to finish the piece by coating the pin, make the knot strolling through it with the wool inside the tip, and then repeat the process two times and finish putting the loose end into the strips. There you go enjoy the comfort of your new seat!



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