DIY: Festive Christmas Socks!

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Christmas is on its way and I am getting everything ready for this amazing event. It’s quite special here in Australia because it happens in Summer, but that doesn’t stop me from getting all excited and ready to celebrate it!

Today, I’m bringing you a great DIY project to decorate your fireplace ! I think you’ve all guessed what I’m willing to share with you!

YES! We will be making Christmas socks!




Materials : 

– Nako Vizon a 100% acrylic yarn

– 4.5mm crochet hook

These socks are made using a single stitch (s.c)

Here is a pattern made by “Le monde de sucrette” blog for this project :



Step 1:

Let’s begin with Part1 in the graphic pic (purple and yellow)

First (with the purple color) you begin with a circle of 4ch chain

R1: 10 s.c in the circle

R2: You crochet 2 s.c in every s.c of the previous round that make a total of 20 s.c


Now with R3 to R11: 20 dc (R1 to R6: in purple R7 to R11: in yellow)


That makes a total of 10 rounds of 20 dc. (purple and yellow colors part)


Step 2:

R12: 10 s.c (With the dark blue color you crochet on half of the stitches of R11, that makes a total of 10 dc)

And continue making rows of 10 s.c until R17

Christmas-socks-pattern6 Christmas-socks-pattern7

You’ll get something that looks like these pics above

After crocheting R17 you have to close and sew the right part of your sock (see the graphic pic at the beginning of this post : sew here after crocheting part2)


Step 3:

With the turquoise color make R18: 22 s.c


For R18 you have to join together the dark blue part and the yellow part with a round of 22 s.c as shown on this picture: (6 s.c on the dark blue part + 10 s.c on the yellow part + 6 s.c on the dark blue part = 22 s.c)


and you continue from R18 to R 33: 22 s.c:


R18 to R22: 22 s.c with the turquoise color


R23 to R27: 22 s.c with the red color


and to finish R28 to R33: 22 s.c with the pink color!

Last but for sure not least, you close your little sock by making a chain of 17 ch so you can hang it :)


Here you go! You’re done! You can add some buttons, ribbons or beads to embellish them :)

Enjoy crocheting, don’t forget to share your final result with me on Free Samples Australia Facebook Page ;)


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