DIY : Classy Pet Collar from Old Shirt!

Pamper your dog or your cat with this amazing DIY Collar upcycled from an old collared shirt !

All you need is : 

  • An old shirt with the collar that can fit your dog. For smaller cats or dogs, you can use a baby or toddler shirt
  • Scissors
  • Fray check

Instructions : 

Start by finding an old collared shirt. Test it to see if it fits your dog or cat’s neck.


Then make sure to keep the collared button on it. ;)

After that, just cut the collar off the shirt. Then use Fray Check along the bottom edge. If you don’t have Fray Check at your location, look for a product that stops fabric from fraying ;)

Ta-dah! You’re DONE !


Here is the result! Conan looks handsome, huh ?



You can do the same if you have have a cat as well ! Just make sure the collar is at the correct size ;) ! Enjoy !



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