DIY : Adorable Elf Crochet Baby Shoes

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What’s cutter than these these adorable elf crochet baby shoes ?


Here is what you need to make yours:

– Red yarn (mine is I love this yarn sport weight red)

– Green yarn (mine is red heart soft guacamole)

– 5.00 mm G hook

– Tapestry needle & 2 markers & scissors


Start with a magic loop : Click here to learn how to make yours 

Round 1: ch 1(not counted as sc) 6 sc inside the ring (or loop) join total of 6 sc

Round 2: 2-5 SC around for total of 6sc

Round 3: 2 sc in the same st. *1 sc in the next st 2sc in the next st 1 sc in the next repeat * join. Total of 9 sc

Round 4: 7-8 sc around join for total of 9sc.

Round 5: 2 sc in the same st * 1 sc in the next 2 sts 2sc in the next. Repeat * join for total of 12sc

Note: 2sc is the increase and as then you go on the stitches between the 2sc increase will also increase.We started with 2 st  in between 2 sc increase. Then it will be 3 sts space before 2sc increase.

Round 6: 10 -13 will be the same as round 5. The only difference is the spaces between 2 sc increase. You will end up of 24 sc.

Note: if you want bigger size continue to increase.

Round 7: 14-15 1 sc around for total of 24sc. Fasten off cut your yarn.

Round 8: 16 lay it flat just like what you see in the photo below. Then find the center of it. Then place your marker on each side. Or just count 12 then place marker then put marker on the opposite side.


Attach your yarn on the marker whichever side you want to start. Ch 1 or just make your 1st sc then continue adding 11 more for total of 12sc. Turn your work.

Round 9: 17-21 repeat round 16.

Note: if you want longer just add additional rounds.

Round 10: 22 this round will be a decrease round.

Note: we need to decrease to start shaping  the shoes. For the decrease I just skipped the next sc.

1 sc skip next st 1 sc on next just continue up to the last st. you should have 6 sc in the end.

Round 11: 23 by skipping 1 sc you will come up with 3 sc. Just continue around with 1 sc in the next 7 sts ( make sc in between spaces of the previous rounds)when you reach the marker 1 sc then skip 1 st then 1 sc again, continue doing this until you reach the other marker. Working on the other side of the marker do 7sc just like what you did on the other side. Join with the beginning sc. Total of 23 sc

Rounds 12: 24-30 1 sc around for total of 23sc. Fasten off

Round 13: 31  with green attach your yarn. Ch 2 (count as the 1st dc) dc on the same st. *ch 1 skip next st 1dc in the next ch 1 skip 1 st 2dc in the next st ch 1. Repeat *


Note: if you have extra 1 st just join it with beginning ch2.


Round 14: 32 ch 2 4 dc on the post of the dc from the previous round. ( teresa’s video will explain it better than my writing please follow her tutorial on the crocodile stitch) ch 3 sc on the last dc. (you are making a  picot) 5 dc on the other side.

Round 15: 33-24  1sc around  for total of 19 sc. Fasten off. Weave all the tails.


Ta-dah ! They are finally ready ! Enjoy crocheting! :)


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