A new miracle cure for chronic migraine?

Researchers may have found the miracle food that can overcome chronic migraines! It’s is turmeric, a natural and accessible food.

Unlike aspirin and paracetamol, turmeric has the advantage of not causing side effects. Thus, administering a dose of 2 grams of turmeric in the form of turmeric phospholipids would be just as effective as taking paracetamol.

Vanessa Rissetto, dietitian and nutritionist, told the Daily Mail that “based on its anti-inflammatory properties, it can be deduced that turmeric can be beneficial in the prevention of migraines”. When the dietitian prescribes a turmeric-based diet to his patients, they said they felt relieved.

For effective results, Dr. Rissetto recommends consuming between 400 to 600 milligrams of turmeric per day. This corresponds to 3 teaspoons.

However, despite the benefits of turmeric, this spice, when consumed in too large quantities, can cause adverse effects, such as kidney stones in susceptible persons.

Also beware of food supplements that contain turmeric and that certain doctors would recommend treating migraine, because, as the supplements are not regulated by the FDA [Food and Drug Administration].

Therefore, you can’t always be sure that you are eating the real thing.

Make sure to buy a high-quality turmeric and always take no more than 3 teaspoons a day.


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