9 Most Effective Tips To Lower Your Sugar Intake!

Sugar is not a food to be banned, but it must be controlled, especially for people who are overweight or have metabolic problems.

For sugar to remain a pleasure without harming your health, we are providing you with some useful tips.


1) If you regularly consume soft drinks, replace them with beverages to which manufacturers do not add sugar (such as 100% natural fruit juice without added sugar).

2) Reduce sugar in your tea or coffee, or use calorie-but-natural sweeteners (such as stevia), or honey.

3) Choose canned fruit in natural juice instead of canned fruit bathed in syrup.

4) Try to halve the amount of sugar used in your cooking recipes. This tip works easily in most recipes except with meringues, jam and ice cream. Try to adjust the recipes and you will see that it is not so difficult to reduce the volume of sugar used.

5) Pay attention to the amount of jam, marmalade, syrup, honey, etc. That you use. Even if in moderation, these foods could bring various benefits, if you eat excessively, they can have many other disadvantages (including weight gain).

6) Watch your consumption of cakes, biscuits and pastries.

7) Limit your intake of chocolates, sweets. Choose instead healthier snacks like fruits, baby carrots, dried fruits (in limited quantities) or nuts (no more than a handful per day). In addition, these healthy snacks are as convenient to take away anywhere as chocolates or sweets so do not hesitate any more.

8) Choose cereals based on whole grains (whole cereals) rather than cereals whose outer layer is filled with sugar.

9) Use varieties of low-sugar ready-to-eat desserts.


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