8 Tips for a rapid weight loss!!

1- Drink as much as you can!
Drink plenty of water, green tea, herbal teas, infusions and light sodas.

2- Forget about transport.
If you live in the countryside and you are a kilometer away from the bakery, use a bicycle or walk. If you live in the city, go down one or two stations before your stop.

3- In case of small hunger in the afternoon, taste!
Tasting is a real mini meal, unlike snacking especially when taken regularly and motivated by a physiological hunger. Keep in mind that snacking allows you to better distribute caloric intake during the day, better resist snacking and have lighter dinner.

4- Climb up!
Traditional but proven tip, prefer stairs to elevators.

5- Change your eating habits
You must learn to rebalance yourself day after day. For example, keep a food diary. Spend time preparing your meals. And think that diet does not mean frustration. You can eat what you like … just not any way and anytime.

6- Organize yourself
From day to day, get used to getting up early to prepare a lunch to take away or have time to do a small session of abs. Make a list when you go shopping to avoid buying unnecessary things that usually make you fat.

7- Accept failure
You will not do well every day. There are good days and bad days. You must not give up and tomorrow you will do better.

8- Exercise at any time
Contract your abs in your office and transport. stand on your tiptoe when doing the dishes for example, this will work your calves out. Do a real sports session (45 min minimum) 1 or 2 times a week.


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