8 Foods that will make you look and feel BEAUTIFUL!

We all want to look good, right? And us ladies go through a lot to look our best: we try out new makeup tips, go to the hair salon, even hit the gym and all this can be a pretty expensive!

But did you know that eating the right food can have a huge impact on your appearance and the way you feel? So before spending a little fortune on makeup and beauty products, try adjusting  your diet!

Wild Salmon to make your skin glow


The secret to gorgeous glowy skin? Makeup can help but there’s even better! Salmon or fish in general is known to be rich in Omega-3s which will help keep your skin moisturized! So, sushi, in your pasta or with your salad? What will it be?

Red Cabbage to keep wrinkles away

red cabbage

Red cabbage is full of antioxidants and will therefore help with preventing wrinkles and fine lines!

Chlorophyll shot for more energy


Ever heard of chlorophyll shots? Helps oxygenate your cells and removes toxins that cause energy to run low. It’s basically a concentrated burst of energy!

No gluten or dairy to decrease puffiness all over


Feeling bloated? You might want to stay away from gluten and dairy, at least temporarily.

Beans to get those luscious locks


Struggling to get your hair to grow? Add beans to your diet! As a matter of fact, you can also add lentils. They’re rich in zinc and iron which will stimulate your hair growth.

Yogurt to get rid of undereye circles


Can’t get rid of those dark circles under your eyes? Try eating some greek yogurt! It’s delicious and will do wonders for that unflattering darkness under your eyes after a late night.

Coconut Oil to debloat in hours


Coconut Oil helps significantly with digestive issues like constipation for instance. Take a teaspoon in the morning and you’ll soon notice the difference.

Medicinal Mushrooms to chase away illness

Coming down with a cold? Add medicinal mushrooms to your diet. It helps reinforce your immune system and you’ll be back on your feet in no time!

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