3 Tips to save money and travel more!

Saving money on a daily basis is a state of mind, discipline and motivation. It is also techniques and knowledge to put into practice. You can spend all your savings on a single travel or you can use the same amount of money to travel to 3 different destinations. The choice is yours! Use those three simple tips to travel more.

Compare prices and choose the best one for you
A flight from or to a destination can have different prices on different websites or travel companies. Be sure to check many of them before you decide to buy a ticket.

Reduce your travel expenses while traveling
There are many ways to save some money on accommodation. You can even pay $0 if you are clever enough. You should try couch surfing (free), youth hostels (low prices), or staying at a friend’s house (also free) instead of always booking a room in a hotel.

Skip unnecessary expenses
Does your smartphone 7 need to be changed by an iPhone 8? For the price of the latest smartphone, you could pay two round trips to New York. Think about it!
Can’t you miss a few dinner parties with your friends in the latest trendy bar? Having a drink at home with them is also very nice and you will spend less money!

Change your money wisely
Never change your money at the exchange offices at airports, always prefer the exchange offices in the city. Furthermore, always check a few change offices and choose the best rate for you.

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