21 Useful Tips To fight Morning Laziness And Go Workout!!

We always plan for sport in the morning, but we just wake up too lazy to step outside.

Here are some useful tips to overcome your morning laziness.


1. Leave your shutters open at night.
2. Prepare your tea or coffee in advance and keep it on your bedside table in a thermos.
3. Make an appointment.
4. Turn on the light as soon as you wake up.
5. Place your phone on the other side of the room.
6. Prepare your lunch the day before and leave the keys of your car on it so as not to forget to take it.
7. Keep your hair dryer in your locker at the gym.
8. Prepare a bowl of oats at night to avoid stress for breakfast in the morning …
9. And add egg whites if you have done weight training.
10. Go with a friend.
11. Drink a glass of water just after you wake up
12. If you need a healthy boost, eat a Medjoul date.
13. Get out your sports business the day before.
14. Eat a banana while you wake up. Or drink a fresh juice if your body takes time to digest the food.
16. Find support from your friends on social networks
17. Pay for a course.
18. Try an app that forces you to do a number of steps to turn off your alarm clock.
19. Do not eat a lot of carbohydrates when you wake up.
20. Drink coffee.
21. Do not leave the TV on when you go to bed.

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