13 Best Quit-Smoking Tips Ever!!

Smoking is a bad habit, you know it, but you just can’t stop it.

It may seem difficult but it’s not imposssible.

Here are some easy tips to help you quit!

1- Make a hole at the beginning of the cigarette.

2- Put your pack of cigarettes in your mailbox (very effective if you live on the sixth floor without elevator).

3- Buy sugar-free lollipops.

4- Be smoke-free in one room of your apartment or house.

5- Let your cigarettes burn.

6- Suck a square of bitter black light chocolate.

7- Limit coffees that always give the urge to smoke.

At the same time.

8- Take a chewing gum without menthol sugar or a Mint-Flavoured candy.

9- Make sewing, knitting, embroidery, puzzles. Make your nails, piano on your computer. (The key is to have your hands busy)

10- Cut your cigarettes in half.

11- Crush each cigarette to half.

12- Drink a sip of water, taking the time to unclog the bottle, pour the water into the glass, rinse and store it.

13- Write down the date and time on a notebook whenever you crave a cigarette and decide to wait five minutes.

Try a day without tobacco. And continue ..

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