12 GENIUS Kitchen Tips That You’ll Wish you Knew YESTERDAY!

Hello lovies!

Today, i wanted to share with you the best kitchen tips that i have learned and gathered through the years. This is basically my Top 12 so get ready to be amazed! Each one of these tips dramatically changed my life! Enjoy ;)

To cut your cherry tomatoes faster


Use two plastics lids or two plates to hold your tomatoes in place and then cut through all your tomatoes at once with a large knife.

To keep your herbs fresh longer


freeze fresh herbs

If you’re planning to freeze your herbs, make sure to freeze them in olive oil. This will prevent them from turning brown. There you go! You’ll have fresh herbs all year around!

To keep your fish from sticking to the grill


I love this trick! In order to keep your fish from sticking to the grill (which happened to me so many times before i knew this trick), cook it on top of lemons! Not only will it make cleaning up a lot faster but your fish will absorb the citrus flavors making it even tastier.

To peel an orange like a genius


With a few clever cuts, peeling an orange becomes a lot easier!

To get crispy evenly cooked bacon


Use a waffle iron! I’m not kidding! :)

To keep your lettuce fresh


Put a paper towel over your salad and then cover it with plastic. The paper will simply absorb the moisture that causes the lettuce to get all soggy.

To give a creamier texture to your salad dressing


Use a food processor to blend your dressing with a little piece of bread!

To measure honey


If you’re planning to measure sticky food like honey, nutella, peanut butter, make sure to spray your measuring cup with a non-stick spray. It will slide right out and will save you a lot of time!

To soften brown sugar


Put it in the microwave with a a glass of water on the side.

To get the most from your lemon


Roll your lemons (and apply a little pressure too) before you juice them, you will get a lot more juice! Truste me, i’ve tried it!

To keep your cake from drying out


Stick sandwich bread to the exposed areas using toothpicks!

To scoop up egg-shell pieces


Use a bigger piece of shell to remove those little pieces.

Source: listotic / purewow 


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