FREE Embertec SmartSwitches retailed at $100 Each

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Save in excess of 10% on your electricity costs, just by installing Embertec SmartSwitches to your TVs and home computers. It’s easy. It’s free. And you’ll be helping the enviroment at the same time.

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  1. Victoria only

  2. Its only for Victorians! Weh!

  3. only for victoria :(

  4. Victoria only! What about is QLDers!

  5. Not very fair.

  6. how do you get the sample though> went into site and no details.

  7. What about NSW!

  8. How about WA? It so unfair.. :/

  9. should be for ALL states :(

  10. The only good thing about Victoria is the road north to QLD! and stop stealing our footy. jeeez. keep playing your airial ping pong.

  11. yes that's right.

  12. Why not all the states?

  13. victoria only grrr! wonder how they found out? still tryinmg to find how to apply for these fress samples.I have already subscribed to email list?

  14. Offer is closed.

  15. Wow didn’t know these existed….. I want some :D :D

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