Whitening Dental Kit

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Try this free white glo dental kit! You will be able to try the White Glo Professional choice whitening toothpaste, the white glo anti-stain toothbrush, and a pack of dental flosser toothpicks.

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  1. just got m braces off and would love to try this product

  2. allison you have to be in the first 50 of the day each day to receive this one , i recieved mine yesterday , so keep trying.

  3. I have been so distraught with the discolouration of my teeth lately I hope this works.

  4. I think this would be good for the whole family to try

  5. ive tryed it and found the product great and now purchace it every grocery day, now my son is going to give it a go to. ron

  6. be great to try this

  7. i’ve been waiting for this product for three weeks now. still a no show

  8. Received our trial yesterday, My Husband loves his new brush and it has already improve his discolouration…So happy will contuine to buy White glo. Very impressed with the package too.

  9. white glo is the best toothpaste Ive used. I got the little clear pack with the toothbrush/paste etc. Its really good, taste good. I am using the 5min tooth whitener too. it’s hell good. The only thing that I dont like about it is the little toothpicks that you get coz they dont work. But anyway, everything else is good and its cheap. The whitener only costs 10bux and its what models use.

  10. I really would love to whiten my teeth please send me one …..

  11. I would love to try it.

  12. love to try like to smile heaps.

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