FREE Libra School Resource Kits !

7-31-2014 12-37-28 PM

According to the website:

To complement the ‘I am Changing’ education program teachers and health educators delivering services into Australian and New Zealand based schools are invited to order FREE Libra School Resource Kits containing product samples especially designed for girls starting out. The Kits include:

1 x Libra Girl sample Youth Kit
35 x Libra Girl cards (detailing how girls can request their own Libragirl sample Youth Kits online at
2 x Libra Girl Regular Pads
1 x Libra Extra Thin Liners
1 x Libra Tapered Design Regular Tampons
1 pack x Libra Applicator Regular Tampons
Schools in Australia and New Zealand may order up to two Libra School Resource Kits per year.

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