FREE 4-Pack of Beer from The Good Beer Co to Essential Workers

The Good Beer Co is launching a new campaign under the name ‘A good beer always helps’. This brand is sending some gifts to essential workers in the form of a free beer pack.

Through this move, The good beer co wants to first say ‘thank you’ to these heroes and then remind them, every day, that they ROCK.

Eligible for this offer are:

  • Hospital workers and staff members
  • Police workers, firefighters, and other similar emergency services staff members
  • Aged care facility workers
  • Home care workers
  • School professors and workers
  • Retail/supermarket employees
  • Individuals working in the Frontlines

If you are one of these individuals, let us first thank you for all the efforts you are doing to keep us safe! Without you, things would have been impossible to handle! So, thanks a million!

You can enter now to apply for your gift online. Register to receive your free 4 pack of beerĀ right to your door.

Simply provide them with a valid residential address for delivery. Within 24 hours of registration, you will receive an email of confirmation for your request.

Please note that you can also benefit from a Free of Charge Vehicles Rental if you are a healthcare worker. In case you are not, but still impacted by the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, you can benefit from free meals from Heart & Soul.

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