Free $10 Itunes Voucher From The Australian Electoral Commission


The Australian Electoral Commission is offering a FREE iTunes voucher to everyone who use “The Spotters’ Guide to Unenrollers”  Facebook application.

If you get a code after an hour, enter your mobile number, the code you received and your email.

Here are the answers:

  • Who’s most likely to be mistaken to be a mermaid : Wet Hair Wanderer (tuzii)
  • Who’d rather sit through a ‘Bold and The Beautiful’ marathon than move a muscle : The Channel Camper (shadowshriek)
  • Who won’t you find at the beach this Summer : The Book Swimmer (mrdavedave)
  • who zigs when everyone else zags : The Salmon (stonedewok)
  • who likes to sit on fences for days : The maybe attender (linni)
  • Who is least likely to have a penpal : the envelope unopener (zan5hin)
  • Who only has eyes for another : The Lovesickos (thushan)
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