Dominos Vouchers & Deals for Australia

Dominos Voucher Codes for December & January 2020

Get the latest Dominos Vouchers & Coupon Codes – including $5 Value Pizzas, $7.95 Traditional Pizzas, 2 sides for $7.95 and the latest pickup and delivery deals!

CodeVoucher descriptionExpiration
3 Large Traditional Pizzas $29.95 Delivered01/17/2021
3689093 Traditional Pizzas, in addition to 2 Garlic breads and 2 drinks of 1.25L for $35.95 Delivered01/17/2021
Choc Lava Cake for $3.95 01/17/2021
5805943 Traditional Pizzas, in addition to 3 sides for $34.95 Delivered12/04/2020
899611 1 Traditional Pizza + Garlic bread + 1.25L Drink for $12.95 Pickup01/17/2021
393192 1 Traditional Pizza + Garlic bread + 1.25L Drink for $12.95 Pickup - Selected Stores01/17/2021
2 Sides for $7.9501/17/2021
6741573 Large Traditional Pizzas for $20 -Pickup at Selected stores01/17/2021
4144903 Large Traditional Pizzas for $22.95 -Pickup 01/17/2021
Traditional Pizza for $7.95 or Premium Pizza for $10.90 - Pickup01/17/2021
New Yorker Pizza for $20.95 - Delivered01/17/2021
9200172 Drinks of 1.25L for $501/13/2021
4177542 Garlic Breads for $501/13/2021
4616651.25L Drink in addition to a Garlic Bread for $501/13/2021
$5 Value Range Pizzas and Sides01/17/2021
206085$15 Any Large Pizza - Delivered01/17/2021
New Yorker Pizza $14.95 - Pick-up01/17/2021
380418Taco Fiesta Pizza via Domino's Mobile App -Tuesdays Only01/17/2021
380418 $6.95 Taco Fiesta Pizza via Domino's App on Tuesdays01/17/2021
1123562 Large Pizzas, plus Garlic Bread, plus 1.25L Drink & 60 Days Animelab for $34.95 - Delivered12/19/2020
3459262 Large Pizzas, Garlic Bread, plus 1.25L Drink & 60 Days Animelab for $27.95 - Pickup12/29/2020

Dominos Vouchers for Pizza Only

CodeVoucher descriptionExpiration
Traditional Pizzas for $7.95 / Premium Pizzas for $10.90 - Pickup 01/17/2021
40% off 3 Large Traditional/Premium Pizzas -Pickup or Delivery12/02/2020
Value Range Pizzas and Sides for $5 01/17/2021
Traditional Pizzas for $7.95/Premium Pizzas for $10.90 12/02/2020
726073Traditional Pizzas for $7.9512/13/2020
928184New Yorker Pizza for $14.95 - Pickup12/03/2020
80616030% off Large Traditional/Premium/Plant Based Pizzas 12/31/2020
New Yorker Pizza for $14.95 - Pickup01/17/2021
252075 782549
Traditional Pizzas for $7.95 / Premium Pizzas for $10.9012/05/2020
Traditional Pizzas for $7.9512/03/2020
829440New Yorker Pizza for $14.95 - Pickup12/02/2020
Taco Fiesta Pizza for $7.95 01/17/2021

About Dominos Vouchers and Voucher Codes

Domino’s vouchers consist of a code that is composed of a set of numbers and which can be used while making your order on Domino’s Pizza. Once entered, the discount appears automatically on your total order bill.

All of these vouchers are of a single-use and can be redeemed in any Domino’s Pizza store. Please note that these vouchers can not be redeemed for cash. As for the e-vouchers, they can only be used for online orders and cannot be accepted in Domino’s Pizza stores nor can it be valid for phone orders.

Products can be considered for Dominos Vouchers

Talking about Dominos vouchers, there is a large variety of products to which these codes can apply, including the different pizza ranges. These vouchers can be used to lower the prices of pizzas or to score some cheaper meals.

What should be kept in mind is that vouchers differ moving from one location to another. So, make sure to check what vouchers and deals are available out there for your nearest Dominos restaurant.

How do I use Dominos Vouchers?

To use Dominos vouchers and make great economies, you are invited to follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Dominos account or create one in case you don’t have it yet
  • Complete the form with your home address (for delivery) and a valid phone number
  • Choose an item from the Dominos menu
  • Enter your Dominos voucher code in the right field
  • Click on “Apply” and resume your order as your Dominos vouchers gets entered

What If my Dominos Vouchers don’t work?

If you are having any issues with your Dominos vouchers, these may be one of the reasons:

  • You are not connected to your Dominos account or you don’t yet have one (which is mandatory to use Dominos vouchers)
  • The code has already been used once and cannot be used twice (only one person has the right to use a voucher)
  • The given Dominos voucher is not valid in your specific Dominos restaurant or location (Dominos vouchers vary from one location to another)
  • You haven’t satisfied the voucher’s terms and conditions in terms of minimum spend
  • The entered voucher code is incorrect. Try copying it directly from here to avoid typing errors

Dominos vouchers

VIP Club Membership

Joining Dominos VIP Club gives you access to a number of deals, offers, and promotions. To become a member of the club, you only need to tick the box that is reserved for VIP club membership while making your online order on Domino’s Pizza’s internet ordering system.

On the other hand, you can join simply by providing your valid information in one of the stores’ points of sale or simply by signing up online on Dominos official website.

Once you join the community, you will regularly receive emails featuring Dominos competitions, Dominos news, Dominos promotions, Dominos vouchers, and so on… Please note that you can, at any time, opt-out from receiving messages and emails from the Dominos VIP club.

Dominos vouchers

Download Dominos Mobile Application & Receive a FREE PIZZA

Dominos is encouraging its customers to download and use its mobile application by offering them a lovely deal! By downloading the Dominos mobile app, you get to receive a voucher for a FREE LARGE PIZZA with delivery orders.

The freebie coupon will be sent to the user via a phone message and will only be valid for a maximum period of one month. Please note that this offer is only valid for delivery orders with a minimum spend of AU $22. Vouchers are of single-use and are addressed solely to new Mobile App users.

Dominos Car Park Delivery

To improve the customer experience, Dominos introduced the Dominos Car Park Delivery concept, which consists of picking up your order at one of their stores without having to leave the car. Thinking about the car park delivery, here are how things work out:

  • Place an order online by selecting the ‘Bring My Order to My Car’ option at checkout
  • Park your car in one of their stores’ car parking
  • Click on the “I’m Here” button and give some information regarding your car
  • Once they recognize your card, a team member will place your order either on the passenger seat or int he boot (depending on what you want)

More Dominos Vouchers and Deals

Dominos Pizza Menu & Prices

Premium Pizzas

  • Chicken Bacon & Avocado $16.90
  • Loaded Supreme $16.90
  • Four Cheese Deluxe $16.90
  • Creamy Chicken Carbonara $16.90
  • BBQ Chicken & Rasher Bacon $16.90
  • Cheesy Chicken, Bacon & Chorizo $16.90
  • Mega Meatlovers $16.90
  • Chicken & Camembert $16.90
  • Peri Peri Chicken $16.90
  • Garlic Prawn $16.90

Traditional Pizzas

  • Eight Meats $13.95
  • Godfather $13.95
  • Hawaiian $13.95
  • BBQ Meatlovers $13.95
  • Avocado Veg $13.95
  • Fire Breather $13.95
  • Vegorama $13.95
  • Supreme $13.95
  • Double Bacon Cheeseburger $13.95

Value Range Pizzas

  • Simply Cheese $5.00
  • Margherita $5.00
  • BBQ Pork & Onion $5.00
  • Beef & Onion $5.00
  • Spicy Veg Trio $5.00
  • Cheesy Garlic Pizza $5.00
  • BBQ Italian Sausage $5.00
  • Pepperoni $5.00
  • Ham & Cheese $5.00

New York Pizzas

  • The Big Cheese $17.95
  • The Big Ham & Pineapple $17.95
  • The Big Pepperoni, Sausage & Mushroom $17.95
  • New Yorker Half & Half $20.95
  • The Big Pepperoni $17.95
  • The Big Pepperoni & Sausage $17.95
  • The Big Three Meats $17.95

Dominos vouchers

Dominos Sides Options

For sides, you are faced with two options to chose from. You can have two sides only for $7.95 or three sides for $9.95. Here are the sides you are presented with:

  • 1,25L Soda Drinks (Solo, Pepsi Max, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, 7 Up, Sunkist)
  • Cheese & Garlic Bread – Herbs and garlic flavoured bread with mozzarella sticks on top of it
  • Garlic Bread
  • Mini choc Sundae – Vanilla Ice Cream
  • BBQ Chicken Meatballs
  • Churros – presented with chocolate sauce
  • Thickshakes – with three flavour options: vanilla, chocolate, caramel
  • Dutsch Pancake
  • Cheese & Garlic scrolls
  • Salted Caramel Chocolate Mousse
  • Choc Lava Cake

Dominos Premium Sides

Talking about Domino’s premium sides, you will have to choose among the following:

  • Chicken Kicker Bites
  • Choc Fudge Brownies
  • Spicy Batttered Prawns
  • Chicken 5 Pack – if selected you will be able to select from:
    • Buttermilk Chicken Kickers
    • 20 Chicken Kicker Bites
    • Korean Sticky Wings
    • Chipotle Chicken Kickers
    • Oven Roasted Chicken Wings


About Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises, which is the biggest franchisee for Domino’s Pizza in the world, is also considered to be the largest Pizza Chain in Australia. The group is responsible for  Domino’s brand in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Luxembourg and Denmark. The pizza chain’s objective lies in striving to come up with a healthier and tastier menu to enhance customer satisfaction and meet clients’ expectations when it comes to food and service quality.

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I'm a mother of 2 kids and I LOVE trying products for FREE and saving a lot on daily grocery! I spend my time hunting for the best freebie and saving offers available in Australia!

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