Revive A Loaf Of Stale Bread Using Water ONLY !


I love freshly baked bread, but I hate it when it gets all stale and I have to throw it away, especially after 1 or 2 days! Such a waste!

I found a method that is by far the fastest to help you revive even the toughest baguette! I just can’t believe i didn’t know this before!


Step 1: Take a section of paper towel that is long enough to completely cover your loaf of bread. Soak your paper towel in cold water. Then make sure to squeeze out as much water as you can.



Step 2: Take your bread portion & wrap your paper towel around it as shown on the picture below.



Step 3: Put your covered bread into the microwave for 10 seconds.FQ11EHFHUB88OYQ.LARGE


Step 4: You can now serve it ! :) Enjoy !

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