DIY: How to make Cute Doll House from Plastic Jugs

diy pasltic

Did your kids know that plastic bottles are not used only to drink (the case of milk) or to clean up the house (case of detergents) but that they can also be recycled and up cycled to be used for different fun and entertaining purposes? Find out in this tutorial how your kids can make out of a plastic jugs some really nice doll house! What will they need?
• One or two packs of well-washed cleaning supplies
• Scissors
• Marker for CD
• Fabric
• Glue
The how-to-do-it part is very easy indeed you just have to follow these self-explanatory pictures and you will end up making the nicest dull house ever!
Please note that for safety reasons children should be accompanied by an adult while executing this!








Source: FABartDIY

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