Active Kids Vouchers & Creative Kids Vouchers

Are you looking to keep your children entertained and active? If so, we are delighted to announce that the NSW Government is offering kids some very interesting Active Kids Vouchers programs. Or perhaps you want your child to work further on his or her creative skills? There is no best option for you than the NSW Government Creative Kids program!

Discover one of the many government vouchers and rebates that assist the Australian community with their cost of living. Be part of these families who benefit from government offers to get their children involved in various sport, fitness, and recreation activities!

About Creative Kids Vouchers Program

Created on the first of January 2019, the Active Kids Vouchers program is a 4-year one that is expected to be active until the 31st of December 2022. If you are a parent, a carer, or a guardian, you have the possibility to ask for a$100 voucher for your student/child. Every year, each child of the family can get a creative Kids voucher if he or she is aged between 4.5 and 18 years old. Like the Active Kids voucher, the creative Kids voucher can be applied to registration or participation fees in various activities, including dance, speech, digital design, drama, music, coding, and other similar activities that are known for boosting children’s creativity.

Active Kids Vouchers

About Active Kids Vouchers Program

Every year, this fabulous program offers families a $100 Active Kids vouchers to use to take advantage of various sportive activities and active recreations. While the 1st voucher is valid from January to December, the second one is valid from July to December. To benefit from this offer, simply look for an activity provider and then use your voucher upon sign-up. As stated earlier, two vouchers are given away for every calendar year. Voucher 1 is valid from the 1st of January while voucher 2 is valid starting the 1st of July. Both expire by the 31st of December of the same year!

Creative Kids Vouchers

Activities that are involved in the creative Kids Program

In order to help children boost their creativity, the creative Kids program highlights the following activities:

  • Visual Arts activities
    • Sketching
    • Photography
    • Printmaking
    • Public Art
    • Drawing
    • Design
    • Scree,
    • Sculpture
    • Painting
    • Multimedia
    • Media Arts
    • Craft
  • Creative industries activities
    • Radio
    • Coding
    • Game design
    • Fashion design
    • Architecture
    • Virtual reality
    • Graphic design
    • Robotics
  • Linguistic Arts activities
    • Languages
    • Poetry
    • Public Speaking
    • Creative writing
    • Debating
    • Slam Poetry
    • Publishing
  • Performing arts activities
    • Drama
    • Dance
    • Puppetry
    • Music
    • Singing
    • Choreography
    • Theater
    • Parkour

Active Kids Vouchers & Creative Kids Vouchers

Ineligible Activities for the Creative Kids Program

While the focus is on activities that reinforce creative skills, prioritize cultural learning and support schools curriculum and extra-curricular programs, there is a bunch of the activity categories that are not eligible, including:

  • Cooking activities
  • Gaming activities
  • Yoga
  • Pole PAncing
  • Gardening activities
  • Aerobic dance
  • Physical culture activities
  • Gymnastics
  • Martial arts
  • Concerts
  • Competitions and interschool activities
  • Weekend programs
  • After-school activities

Eligible Activities for Active Kids vouchers

Physical activity is one that includes muscle movements, such as swimming, running, and other similar activities. The latter should be structured and planned and are expected to improve one’s health conditions. These physical activities need to last for at least 2 months. The activities that are eligible in this case include the following:

  • Swimming courses
  • Fitness Programs
  • Sporting pursuits
  • Recreation programs or outdoor activities
  • Active recreation, such as dance lessons
  • Other structured programs

Active Kids Vouchers & Creative Kids Vouchers

What should I know about the Active/creative Kids vouchers?

  • The Active Kids vouchers shall be offered to every child in the family every year for the next 4 coming years.
  • Active Kids vouchers can be applied either for registration fees or for membership in a program with a minimum duration of 2 months
  • Active Kids vouchers can not be divided among various clubs or registrations
  • An Active Kids vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash
  • An Active Kids vouchers cannot be used for individual products such as socks, boots, and jerseys.

Who is eligible for an Active/creative Kids voucher?

In order to have your Active/creative Kids voucher, you need to be a student who is a NSW resident, aged between 4.5 years old and 18 years old. You also have to registered in a school from kindergarten to the 12th year and holder of a Medicare card. Students who study from home or who are registered in secondary school at TAFE NSW are also eligible to take advantage of Active/creative Kids vouchers.

Each and every individual who has the criteria discussed before can apply for an Active/creative Kids voucher without any problem. All you need at this level is an account MyServiceNSW, information on your kid’s Medicare card, and your kid’s height and weight details.

Active Kids Vouchers & Creative Kids Vouchers

How do I apply for an Active Kids voucher or Creative Kids Vouchers?

In order to apply for an Active Kids voucher or Creative Kids Vouchers, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Start by checking the eligibility criteria and make sure you meet the requirements
  2. Go to the offer’s page and click on “Apply Online”
  3. Create a new MyServiceNSW account in case you don’t have one or log in using your account credentials
  4. Follow the instructions highlighted on how to apply for an Active/creative Kids voucher

How do I use an Active Kids Vouchers or Creative Kids Vouchers?

In case you are wondering how to use an Active Kids vouchers or Creative Kids Vouchers, here are some guidelines that may be of great help to you:

  1. Select the provider where you plan to use your Active/creative Kids voucher
  2. Upon payment, you will need to give information through the process. Examples of this information include the kid’s last and first names, date of birth, and the Active Kids voucher number.

While thinking about Active/creative Kids vouchers, please bear in mind that a voucher can only be used one time during the same year when it was first issued. More, the voucher can only be used by the person whose name appears on the voucher for membership or registration fees.

Active Kids Vouchers & Creative Kids Vouchers

What should I do in case I lose my voucher?

In case of a lost voucher, we recommend you take the following two steps:

  • Enter and download a new copy from MyServiceNSW
  • Take your copy and visit the Service NSW Center to get your new reprinted voucher

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